4 Legged Friends of East Shores Subdivision

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This section is to showcase our 2-4-6 legged friends/pets of our subdivision. You can tell that the residents of East Shores love their pets.

If you have a photo of you and/or your pets, send to vorlonjb@yahoo.com with whatever information you want posted (ie names, owners, street address, info, story of your family friend).

This will allow everyone to identify and return any of our friends who get lost.

If you don't have a digital photo, just contact Jimmy Burk who will come to your home and take a snapshot.








Mr. Lamb's Bassett Hound


















The Burks no longer have their own dogs, but have four GrandDogs that constantly visit East Shores. They love the subdivision, and get excited as soon as the Gate opens, they know they will be loved.
Coda is a 4 year old Shi-tsu.
Tala is a 2 year old Siberian Huskey
Aggie and Brownie are 2 year old minature dauchsands. Our daughter in law dresses them in costumes, which does not make them happy.