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          This is an addendum to the ESHOA building requirements form in order to summarize the building requirements not found on the form.  It is not intended to replace the covenants but only provide a convenient reference.  All plans must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural  Committee prior to any site preparation or building taking place.

          All improvements or changes to a lot must be approved by the Architectural Committee including, but not limited to, the house, decks, seawall, dock, driveways, walkways, mailbox, outdoor lighting, gazeboes, pools, landscaping, terrain changes, and fences.  Chain link or wire fences are not allowed.

          Plans submitted to the Committee must include at a minimum a complete site plan, floor plans, and elevations from all sides including exterior materials and colors.

          Square footage requirements are 4,000 minimum heated space on the lake and 3,500 offshore.  Two story houses must have at least 2,000 square feet heated on the main floor.  No more than two stories plus a basement is allowed.

          Setbacks are 40 feet from the road right of ways which are 10 feet from the curb.  This means that setbacks are 50 feet from the curb.  Side yard setbacks are 10 feet and 25 feet in the rear from either the property line or the lake.

          Garages must be two car at a minimum and be at least 20 feet wide.  Main driveways must also be at least 20 feet wide.

          Seawalls must be completed on lakefront lots before any other construction commences and they must be approved by the Architectural Committee.

          ESHOA has the right to determine the precise location of the building on the lot.  No temporary buildings or trailers are allowed.