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All prospective owners and builders must have their plans approved by the ESHOA Architectural Committee before any site preparation or construction is commenced. All plans must have the Architectural Committee’s stamp of approval before being submitted to the City of Lakeland or the county for a building permit. All owners and builders must also agree in writing to the following requirements to build in East Shores.

1. Agree to abide by all subdivision bylaw and covenant requirements.

2. Agree to comply with all decisions made by the Architectural Committee.

3. Agree to maintain a porta-toilet and trash dumpster on the lot prior to construction, neither to be placed in
the road and each to be serviced regularly.

4. Agree to install and maintain a hay bale wall and silt fence to prevent erosion on all boundaries adjacent
to the street, lake and any individual areas where run-off may adversely affect neighbors or the subdivision.

5. Agree to have water and electrical hookups prior to construction.

6. Agree to keep the lot and street free of all trash and construction materials and to not have any type of
of material delivered or stored in the street.

7. Agree to keep the street free of all dirt, gravel, or sand and to shovel up (not wash into the sewers) any such debris that settles there and to pay for any road or curb damage resulting from construction activity.

8. Agree to pay a $2,500.00 construction deposit to assure that these items are conformed to throughout construction. Any items not performed by the builder/owner may be performed by ESHOA and the cost deducted from this deposit. This deposit, less any fees deducted, is refundable upon completion of the house if all ESHOA requirements have been met. ESHOA is in no way limited to just $2500 in fees if major shortfalls occur and additional costs would be owed by the owner to the association.

9. Agree that an occupancy inspection will not be requested until the ESHOA Architectural Committee chairman, or the BOD president in his absence, has certified that construction is complete and all ESHOA requirements have been met.

10. Agree to pay all ESHOA dues that may be past due.

11. Agree to advise all construction workers and delivery drivers that they are required to use the Seed Tick entrance and that this gate is only operable from 6 to 6 daily except Sunday.

12. Agree that ESHOA has final approval of such quality items as window type, siding, shingles, roof rafter size and spacing, and roof decking.

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