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Huff N Puff Railroad : Lakeland Amusement Park



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From QNet:

1968 visit to the Lakeland Amusement Park

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1968 visit to the Lakeland, Tennessee Amusement park.
Captured on 8mm film.
Brussels World's Fair Skyride.
Huff-N-Puff Live Steam Train.

by billsgarag1







Video Scenes from East Shores (turn on Sound): Scroll down for more Videos


Southern Routes-LAKELAND

Memphis Magazine’s Vance Lauderdale looks back at The Lakeland Amusement Park and tell us what happened to this piece of local history.









Video Interview with Simon Ellis : "His Crocodile Creation"


Holiday Scenes from East Shores Dec 2009 (or see at YOUTUBE where you can click on HQ for Higher Quality )


East Shores, Lakeland TN


Photos & Slideshow by Stephanie Burk

Fall Scenes from East Shores Oct 2009


Scenes from East Shores




FALL SCENES East Shores -- October 2008


This website was designed to allow for the free exchange of ideas and to pass community information to residents. We will also provide a brief outline of the covenants, as well as pass on information from the President of the association.
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Hummingbirds in East Shores, Lakeland Tennessee September 2008


With the many large bass floating on the lake, new visitors (ie Buzzards) were lining homes, especially in the Pointe:





A Sunday in East Shores: Olympic Volleyball Training



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